Joseph is very inspirational. He is an awesome speaker and trainer. He will empower and motivate you. He is phenomenal! Cody P.

“Your WHY to do the business must be big enough to get you to take the action necessary to achieve your DREAMS.  When we started our business we were working from 8am till faint at night!  That’s what we called All Out Massive Action that Joseph is talking about.   Thank you my friend Joseph for writing this book and being an inspiration to all of the people reading it. You are a Rock Star!”

Bob G.

President, Xtreem Management Inc.

Joseph’s “Yo Love My Life” message is very powerful.   It is making me realize that I have to live my life with a purpose every day and not waste any more time.  Thank you Joseph for changing people’s lives.”


I wanted to say that Joseph’s message is mind blowing and amazing.  Excellent coach and mentor that has changed thousands of lives around the world with his coaching and transformation of people lives.   Very grateful to Joseph.

Mustafa Kazmi

Passionate, inspirational, motivational and empowering!  Just by listening to Joseph’s message and teaching, I felt like we were face to face and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Bere Or.

Simply Awesome!  Very inspirational.  It was great to listen to Joseph’s message.

Grace G.

I really love Joseph’s “Yo Love My Life” message.  I am glad to find something that I can relate to.   It is my favorite show to listen to on my way home.

Joseph’s message are both insightful and true.  Deep!

Toledo Fuzz

Great training!  It’s motivational, inspiring, relatable and informative.  Love it!

Jny O.