2216_my_pictureJoseph has extensive experience working for Fortune 100 Company out of college from Sales, Marketing, Management and Corporate Trainer.

He founded a very successful and profitable clothing manufacturing company in Mexico.

Joseph is a successful entrepreneur, network marketer, author, speaker, personal development trainer and business coach.

He achieved the TOP position twice in network marketing company.  He was responsible for opening up the Vietnam market.  He also has trained, coached and helped thousands of distributors become successful in this industry.  He is one out of 100 Top Certified Dynamic Personal Trainer for his current Network Marketing Company.

He is the creator of Yo Love My Life Podcast.  He is funny, inspirational, motivational and down to earth.  He shares thoughtful insights and ideas about real life experiences and business strategies with you.

If you like to hire him as a Coach, Speaker, Sales Training and or give workshops to your organization, please contact him at www.yolovemylife.com and email joseph@yolovemylife.com

Joseph is married to his soulmate Fanny.  When he isn’t spending time with his family, he is working on publishing books, speaking, training, coaching and producing the next great product.  He also gives back to his community by volunteering to help the church, youth and homeless people.